Minimum-Variance Importance Sampling Estimator of Linear Block Codes in the Radius Domain over Binary Symmetric Channels

  • Jinzhe Pan, Wai Ho Mow

Efficient LDLC Decoder Based on List Sphere Decoding Algorithm

  • Xuebo Wang, Wai Ho Mow

Covert Communication over Continuous-time AWGN Channels

  • Qiaosheng (Eric) Zhang, Matthieu R. Bloch, Mayank Bakshi, Sidharth Jaggi

Construction of Arbitrary-length Polar Codes in BEC Channel

  • Rongcai Zhang, Xiaojun Zhang, Jianming Cui, Qingtian Zeng, Guihai Wang

Clustering Information by Nested-Lattice Compression

  • Su Gao, Luhai Fan

Convolutional Polar Codes on Channels with Memory using Tensor Network decoding

  • Benjamin Bourassa, Maxime Tremblay, David Poulin

Second-Order Asymptotically Optimal Statistical Classification

  • Lin Zhou, Vincent Y. F. Tan, Mehul Motani

Achieving the Han-Kobayashi Region with Partially-Joint Decoding

  • Mengfan Zheng, Wen Chen, Meixia Tao, Cong Ling

Bounding the Number of Mass Points of the Optimal Input for the Amplitude and Power Constrained Additive Gaussian Channel

  • Semih Yagli, Alex Dytso, Harold Vincent Poor, Shlomo Shamai (Shitz)

Message Transmission over Classical Quantum Channels with a Jammer with Side Information, Correlation as Resource for Common Randomness Generating

  • Holger Boche, Minglai Cai, Ning Cai

Multicasting Energy and Information Simultaneously

  • Ting-Yi Wu, Anshoo Tandon, Lav R. Varshney, Mehul Motani