Welcome Reception on November 25

Welcome reception will take place in the Multi-functional Hall of the conference venue.

Pearl River Night Cruise on November 26

Pearl River (pronounced as “Zhu Jiang” in Mandarin) is the third longest river in China that breeds the historic legacy of Guangzhou. In night, bridges and buildings across the river will be dressed up in colors, illuminating the city’s now-and-then. The cruise will take you from the Old Downtown to the Zhujiang New Town where you will see the city’s modern landmark – The Canton Tower. You will then realize how the ITW 2018 logo was inspired. The night cruise lasts for two hours.

Banquet at Sky No.1 Restaurant on November 27

The banquet will take place at Guangzhou Sky No.1 Restaurant. You will not only be delighted by the authentic Cantonese cuisine, but also by the restaurant’s unique design.

Excursion to Baiyun Mountain on November 28

Baiyun Mountain resides in the north of the city. It has been known as the “Lung of the City” for its greenery and the “Balcony of the City” for its height that offers a panoramic view of Guangzhou. It is also the home of a number of historic temples, e.g., the Nengren Temple.