The registration takes two steps.

Step 1: You should first register your personal information, paper ID, registration category and other preferences. After your submission, the system will generate a unique 5-letter CODE for you and send you a confirmation email;

Step 2: You should then transfer your registration fee to the provided Sun Yat-sen University account within THREE working days. You MUST write “CODEITW2018” as a transaction note. This is for our convenience of checking your transaction.

Now, you may start your REGISTRATION. Registration has ended.

Registration Fees

Category Early Registration (Before Sept. 16) Late Registration (After Sept. 16)
Full Registration (IT soc) $590/¥4130 $690/¥4830
Full Registration (IEEE non IT soc) $670/¥4690 $770/¥5390
Full Registration (Non IEEE) $770/¥5390 $870/¥6090
Student IT Soc / IEEE Life Member $330/¥2310 $430/¥3010
Student (IEEE non IT soc) $380/¥2660 $480/¥3360
Student (Non IEEE) $430/¥3010 $530/¥3710
One Day Registration (With banquet) $264/¥1848 $364/¥2548
One Day Registration (Without banquet) $164/¥1148 $264/¥1848
Student One Day Registration (With banquet) $214/¥1498 $314/¥2198
Student One Day Registration (Without banquet) $114/¥798 $214/¥1498
Banquet Only $100/¥700 $200/¥1400

Registration fee includes:

  • Admission to all sections;
  • Coffee and cake during section breaks;
  • Lunch from November 26 to 29;
  • Welcome reception on November 25;
  • Pearl River night cruise on November 26;
  • Banquet at Sky No.1 Restaurant on November 27;
  • Excursion to Baiyun Mountain on November 28.

Notice about Author Registration

  • Each accepted and invited paper must have at least one author registered by Sept. 30, 2018 11:59pm Hawaii Time (UTC-10);
  • We do not accept on-site registration;
  • Accepted papers that have no registered author by Sept. 30 will not appear in the final program nor the proceeding. Up to 3 papers can be covered by a full registration. A student registration (reduced fee) covers one paper;
  • Participants outside mainland China should transfer the registration fee to
    Account Name:Sun Yat-sen University
    Account Number: 3602864809100002723
    Bank:Industrial and Commercial bank of China, Guang Dong branch, sub-branch of Sun Yat-sen University
    Address:No. 135 Xin Gang Xi Road Guang Zhou P.R China
  • Participants from mainland China should transfer the registration fee to
    户名 :中山大学
  • Caution: While you are transferring the registration fee, you MUST write “CODEITW2018” as your transaction note. Your payment can only be traced with the note. Otherwise, your transaction may be lost and we are not responsible for it. After your payment has been confirmed, we will notify you via email within 7 working days. You can refer to Conference Registration Guide for more details.